Winter Bowling Week 8

The star of the week in Halifax Bowling Club’s winter bowling league was Lynda Canning of All Sorts, who won her first game of the season as she beat the unbeaten Robert Dean of Clayton by 21-19. However her team mates (Ann Ranton, Helen Smith, Mavis Walker) could not give her any support as Clayton (Bev Shutt, Dave Moor, Mick Cowley) ran out 18-7 winners. Pellon (Paul Firth, David Gowing, Robert Walker, David Agnew), challenging Clayton for the top spot, gained one point on their title challengers as they beat Sowerby 19-12. Peter Lomax put up resistance for Sowerby as he beat Agnew 21-10 and Pat Skene just lost 21-20 to Gowing.

Indoor Bowling Results - Week11

The shot of the week and possibly the shot of the season was played in the Tuesday Evening Pairs Division 1 at Halifax Bowling Club’s indoor leagues by Gareth Coates. Coates who partners Chloe Hirst as Young Guns are top of Division 1 but in their latest game against the experienced Little & Large (Steve Rothwell, John Beverley) they found themselves 10-6 down at the start of the last end, leaving a “4” to draw and a “5” to win. With Little & Large holding “shot” and with his final bowl to play Coates had to remove the scoring bowl and also move the jack to his teams bowls which were in a cluster to the right of the jack. In an amazing shot he “took out” the shot bowl and gently ran the jack to the cluster of bowls of Young Guns scoring an incredible “5” and achieving success by 11 shots to 10.

Winter Bowling Week 7

Four Play (Ray Clegg, Dave Russell, Ray Wolsey, Derek Williamson) and Lindley (Paul Cooney, R. Saunders, Mark Sykes, P. Hopkinson) played out a most exciting game in torrential rain, which is all part of winter bowling. Clegg, Russell and Williamson all registered close wins but Sykes was the star of the game as he beat Wolsey 21-8 as Four Play ran out 16-15 winners.

Indoor Bowling Results - Week10

The spot light this week falls on the Monday Evening Fours in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor Bowling Leagues.

The top honours go to new team Rockets (Mick Rowntree, Stella Doherty, Marian Firth, Gordon Akroyd) who have found it hard on the indoor rinks of Halifax after moving from Whitcliffe Mount. However in their latest game against a strong Avengers (David Ryding, Keith Hanson, Mick Skwarek, Ian Ryding) they gained their first points of the season with a 13-9 success. The star of the game was Rockets number 3 player, Marian Firth who gave a superb display of bowling in “to save shots” and “add additional shots” for her team.

Indoor Bowling Results - Week9

There was lots of exciting action in the Tuesday Evening pairs at Halifax Bowling Club.46ers (Derek Finch, Stewart Wright) gained a “Hot Shots Award” in their game against Brookley (Elspeth Hartley, Rhonda Horner). A “Hot Shots Award” is where a team score the maximum number of shots at one end. On this occasion Finch, the lead player for 46ers played the jack into the back corner of the rink and the players had to play nearest the jack. Hartley, the lead player for Brookley sent all her four bowls off the end of the rink and Horner could not improve the situation as Wright bowled in another four bowls as 46ers scored an “8”. The final score was 18-2 to 46ers.