Roland Whitley Mixed Pairs Handicap Competition



24 persons entered 13 Ladies and 11 Gentlemen, 12 pairs

Semi Finals

C. Austin + S. Wright -1 H/c v A. Mullaney + S. Lees  +5 H/c.

A really enjoyable game was had by all with bright sunshine and an encouraging audience. Anne and Steve took the lead from the start with Christine and Stewart trying hard to get a look in to no avail. Anne and Steve winning 21- 5.

J. Asquith + E. McGinnis -3 H/C v M. Barmby + R. Clegg 0 H/C

A really exciting game was had, after 5 ends all was even 2 across, after 10 ends Mary and Ray were leading 9-7. After 15 ends Mary and Ray were still leading 15-9. Then Joyce and Eric started to come back taking the lead after 20 ends 17-18. At 21 ends all was even at 18 across, at end 22 Joyce and Eric took the lead 20-18. Then Ray and Mary gradually started clawing their way back taking 1 point for the next 5 ends to win 21-20 after 25 ends.


M. Barmby + R. Clegg v A. Mullaney + S. Lees.

This was an enjoyable final with Anne and Steve having the lead for the first 8 ends 9-7. Then Mary and Ray took the lead 9-10. After 10 ends the score was 9-12 to Mary and Ray after 15 ends Mary and Ray were still leading 12-15 with Anne and Steve trying hard to come back at 20 ends they was still trailing 14-19. It took another 4 ends for Mary and Ray to win 16-21.

Can anyone Beat Ray? Why not have a try on Presidents Day.

Special thanks to Maralyn Greenwood and Steve Lees in organising this event.

In addition thank you to Val Bax for stepping in at the last minute to Referee the final assisted by Ron Bax.

Connelly Pairs Competition

Lady President presentedthe winners with the cup

On a beautiful sunny day 24 ladies contested the Connelly Pairs. A ladies competition where an experienced lady is paired with a less experienced player.
After several close games Val Bax and Barbara Crompton reached the final. In their game against Marion Reynolds and Lynda Canning it was a very close encounter with the lead changing hands on several ends. Val and Barbara ran out 15-12 winners.
In their quarter final Bea Grant and Ann Oates were the opposition and again the game was very tight with Val and Barbara again taking the honours by 15-12. Their semi final opponents Christine Austin and Margaret Dean had played superbly all day but ran out of steam as Val and Barbara reached the final with a 15-9 success.
In the other half of the draw Barbara Gee and Dorothy Sykes had a tough quarter final against Joyce Asquith and Pam Shaw before running out 15-12 winners. Their semi final  against Doreen Allison and Jean Hepworth was over quickly as Barbara lead to perfection on a long pegging mark.
The final saw Barbara and Val pull back from 5-2 down to run out 15-8 winners. At the final end Barbara Crompton bowled two superb bowls in for game with the jack on the edge of the green.
A Supplementary competition was won by Joyce Asquith and Susan Swift who beat Joan Dunn and Elspeth Hartley in the final.
The ladies enjoyed a full days bowling in the last competition of the season.

Mollie Donovan Single Handicap Competion

Group of entries for the trophy

After a seriers of rounds were played in a friendly but cpompetative nature.  The Semi Finals were played in a similar fashion. Peter Greenwood 18 V Steve Wandiak 21, Terry O'Brien 12 V Ray Clegg 21

The final was a well handicapped game being nip and tuck all through the game. After 11 ends Steve was 3 points up, after 20 ends Steve was up 2 points, after 30 ends they were 16 across. Nail biting stuff, apleasure to watch. On the 34th end  Ray took the lead 19 - 18 and the next end Steve took 1 making 19 across. The next end Ray took 2 points giving him the game.There was very good humour and banter throughout the game with spectators joing in from time to time

Worthy Winner Ray Clegg President of the Club


Trevor Kaye Memorial Mixed Pairs Competition

Finalists Val Bax, Ray Clegg, Stewart Wright, and Joan Dunn with David Kaye
On Sunday 6th August 2017 the club played the Trevor Kaye Memorial  Mixed Pairs handicap competition. 
(Kindly sponsored by his son Mr. David Kaye who actually won it last year with Pauline Ward but was knocked out in the quarter finals this year with Enid Ackroyd).   
All the games were played in  a competitive. good natured spirit but the semi-finals and final were exceptional in their quality. Joan Dunn and Stewart Wright on + 1 played Christine Austin and Derek Finch on -2 in a thriller leading 4 to -2 up to 5 to 10 down 6 ends later and 9 to 13 down another 6 ends later.  At 20 across with Joan leading beautifully to claw their way back, Joan and Stewart managed to sneak in the 1 point required for 21 to 20.
The other semi-final was between Pam Shaw and Eric McGinnis on - 3 and Val Bax and Ray Clegg on - 4 and this proved another cliff hanger with the ladies more than holding their own on short to medium marks,  but when the men stretched the mark from corner to corner it became a contest between them.   At 16 across the game could have gone either way when Pam and Eric claimed 2 for an 18 to 16 lead and then Val and Ray claimed a 3 and a 2 to run out winners 21 to 18.
The final between Val Bax and Ray Clegg on - 4 and the doyen of Hx B C  Joan Dunn with Stewart Wright on + 1 started in drizzle and finished in heavy rain so the ground conditions changed dramatically. Joan led accurately with her shortish leads ably backed by Stewart and with the score 9 to 1 to them things looked bad for Val and Ray. But they persevered, won 1 end and changed to a mark across the green horizontal to the club house. Val varied each end and led well  and Joan and Stewart just could not adapt to the change and Val and Ray caught up to go 10 to 9 in front and then pulled well clear to 20 - 10 with a final score 21 to 12 fully deserved.
Mr. David Kaye presented his Dad's shield and thanked all the competitors for their support. The final was refereed by Mr. Steve Lees.


Carter Merit Ladies Competition

Fine weather and fine bowling led to a great competition at Halifax Bowling club (Ladies' section). The players were competing for the Harry Carter Trophy which was first played for in 1960. The losing semi-finalist were Marion Quick and Bea Grant and the finalist were Val Bax and Doreen Allison. The final was enjoyed by everyone with Val Bax in particular playing very accurate woods in a tight game with Doreen Allison. The trophy was presented by former Lady President Margaret Farnell.