Winter Bowling Week 6 2017

The big game in Division 2 of Halifax Bowling Club’s Winter League was the game between top of the league Kingston (Steve Sykes, L and P. Cestrone, John Worsnop) and third in the table Sowerby( Pat Skene, Glenda Hartley, Barry Morgan, Lesley Ellison). Kingston were indebted to Worsnop and L. Cestrone who registered 21-18 and 21-9 wins against Hartley and Ellison. However Skene and Morgan starred for Sowerby as Skene beat Sykes 21-12 and Morgan defeated P. Cestrone 21-10 for the teams to finish level with 14 points each.

Indoor Bowling Results - Week 9 Autumn 2017

Triers player Patrick McDonnell who helped his team to a 20-12 win over leaders Hard Liners in the Wednesday Fours.

Dodgers (Eileen Dovernor, Rodney Collinge, Jeff Dovernor, Peter Grant) in the Monday Afternoon Fours in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor Leagues, are known as the team who play their “Get out of jail” card at the last end of the game. In their latest game against Hard Lines (Pauline Ward, Maywyyne Denby, Pam Berry, Brian Ward) they found themselves 11-8 behind at the start of the last end.

Winter Bowling Week 5 2017

Shirley Dillingham was the star for Hoyle’s War in their Division 1 game against Silsden Playing Fields. Shirley was the lone winner for her team as she beat James Senior 21-19, Yorkshire county player Lorraine Hirst lost 21-8 to Halifax Veteran Philip Holroyd, Catherine Hoyle was beaten 21-10 by L. Hicks and Alec Wilkinson lost 21-14 to D. Metcalfe as Silsden ran out 18-10 winners.

Ray Clegg (Four Play) was outstanding for his team as he beat Ian Johnson 21-17 of Clayhouse. However leaders Clayhouse could thank Hedley Kettlewell, Mick Skwarek andT. Harvey as they beat Ray Wolsey, David Boden and Dave Russell. Clayhouse ran out 18-13 winners.

Indoor Bowling Results - Week 8 Autumn 2017

It was all action in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor Leagues in the Monday Evening Fours.

Rockets’s skip Gordon Akroyd and Ramblers  number two player Mel Fielding were the stars of the evening.

Rockets (Micky Rowntree, Stuart Coates, Marian Firth, Akroyd) were playing Madlams (Jim Eaton, Tom Robertshaw, Derek Smith, Ian Hodges). Rockets, near the bottom of the league had “all the luck in the world”. Akroyd could do no wrong, on several ends Madlams were holding shot and Akroyd played into “ the head” disturbing the bowls and leaving his team to score. At the last end Firth bowled a “jack high” bowl only for Hodges the skip for Madlams to remove it with an excellent bowl to leave Madlams holding “5” shots. However with his first bowl Akroyd came “in off” another bowl to knock the jack into the ditch, for his side to score a single and win the game by 9 shots to 7. Leaving the Madlams team shaking their heads in disbelieve.

Winter Bowling Week 4 2017


Rabbits Revenge 14  Fiery Jacks 15

Clayhouse 17  Hoyle’s War 13

Lindley 17  Silsden P.F. 14

Four Play 15  Clayton 14


All Sorts 7  Sowerby 20

Pellon 20  Elland W.M. 10

Lindley All Stars 17  Tykes 14

Kingston 18  Blue Sox 11