Ladies Day 2018

Halifax Bowling Club held their annual Ladies Day on a beautiful sunny day. Ladies Day, is a tradition at the club that has been played for over 50 years.  Bowling commences at 10.30 a.m. and  the Ladies enjoy  lunch at 1.00 p.m. and Afternoon Tea at 4.30 p.m.

Kath Webster Winner of the Lingard Cup receiving the cup from Margot, Joan Dunn and Lynn Wood Finalist of the Sutcliffe Cup in the background.

 Fifty three ladies enjoyed the meal and twenty eight ladies contested the bowling competitions. The Lingard Trophy is the main event and the first round losers of the Lingard Trophy play in a Supplementary Competition for the Sutcliffe Cup.

The main event, the Lingard Trophy, played on Green 1 saw the Ladies 1st team provide most of the quarter-finalists. The exceptions were Jan Wright who had beaten 1st team  player Pauline Ward in the previous round and Mytholmroyd representative player Joyce Asquith.

In the top half of the draw the defending champion, Barbara Gee beat team mate Marian Quick in the quarter final and last years beaten finalist Bea Grant in the semi final. Barbara bowled a finger peg mark over the crown which proved a difficult mark to bowl as the bowl travelled through a fast and slow surface.

The bottom half of the draw saw 1st team player Kath Webster involved in a superb semi final game against Joyce Asquith. The scores were level at 14 across before Kath took a single off the final end. Other quarter finalists were Jan Wright and Doreen Allison.

The final was a “nip and tuck” affair, Barbara favouring a long round pegging mark, Kath bowling a medium length jack over the crown. The scores were level at 5, 7 and eleven across. With Kath leading 14-12 Barbara bowled a thumb peg straight mark over the crown and bowled a two foot wood, Kath with her first bowl was a yard through. Barbara put up another two foot wood before Kath bowled just past Barbara’s bowls to take the final and become the new Ladies champion.

The Sutcliffe Cup was won by Lyn Wood who beat Joan 15-4 in the final.

The Lady President Margot Handsley presented the trophies to the winners and thanked everyone for their attendance on a most enjoyable day. The winners were given flowers with their trophy and the runners up were given chocolates.

Barbara Gee last years finalist this years runner uo


J & J B Dunn Coompetition 2018

Finalist Ray Clegg with partner Pauline Ward against Andrew Gee with partner Joan Dunn.

Winning pair with the cup presented by Joan Dunn

Mary Hanson Pairs 2018

On a glorious day sixteen ladies contested the Round Robin Ladies Pairs at Halifax Bowling Club.
The ladies were divided into two groups, both groups playing three games of 11 ends.
Joyce Asquith and her partner  Mavis Walker scored 27 points from their 3 games played and Val Bax and Elspeth Hartley won the other group with a total of 40 points.
The final was won by Val and Elspeth. The game was opened by Val and Elspeth who scored a three at the first end, followed by a single making it four nil. This was defended by Joyce and Mavis who scored three singles making the score 4 – 3 to Val and Elspeth.   Another single made it 5 – 3 to Val and Elspeth.  Once again Joyce and Mavis retaliated, - five all!

One on each side made it 6 all.  Val and Elspeth scored next 8-6, one from Joyce and Mavis 7 – 8, then 8 – 8, this was followed by a massive 4 shots from Joyce and Mavis, 12 – 8. Val and Elspeth fought back with a 3.  12- 11, then they ran out with a further 3, followed by the winning shot. It was very close run final with good bowling from both sides.

Thanks were expressed to Joyce Asquith and Lynda Canning for organising the competition.

Final Indoor Bowling News Spring 2018

Photo of Young Guns, Chloe Hirst and Frank Higgins who are pictured with the club’s Lady President Margot Handsley, who presented the prizes at the club’s prize presentation evening. Chloe and Frank are the Tuesday Evening Pairs Division 2 champions and will be promoted to Division 1 for the Autumn season. Chloe plays for the successful ladies Yorkshire crown green team.

There were two outstanding results in the final week of Halifax Bowling Club’s Spring leagues.

Leading the way were champions Arriva (Les Holmes, Robert Hitchen, Robert Holmes, Graham Wilson) who had a “nip and tuck” encounter against their big rivals Clayton (Tony Riley, Mel Fielding, Paul Kaye, Paul Gill) in the Wednesday Evening Fours. Whoever won the game would be the champions.

Arriva scored a “4” and a “3” in the first two ends leaving Clayton with an uphill task. However Clayton responded by scoring at the next five ends to cut the deficit to 8-6. At this point of the game Arriva showed their superiority as they registered scores at 4 out of the remaining 5 ends to take the game by 13 shots to 8 and become champions with Clayton in the runners up spot.

Rainy Days (Russell Gilbert, Katie Gilbert) in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs registered a “Hot Shots” award in their final game against Brookley (Marilyn Greenwood, Elspeth Hartley), as Rainy Days finished off their season with a 15-6 win.

The John Dunn Shield

Photo of finalists in the John Dunn Shield. The Club’s top indoor bowlers, the “master” and the “Apprentice” Les Holmes and Gareth Coates.

The final of the John Dunn Shield was played between the holder of the Shield Gareth Coates and Les Holmes.

The final, played down the middle of the rinks was an exhibition of superb indoor bowling. Coates won the toss and scored a “3” on the first end, Holmes replied with a”4” before Coates scored singles on the next three ends to take a 6-4 lead.

With Coates bowling a maximum length jack he opened up a 9-5 advantage before Holmes changed the length to a minimum length jack and put the pressure on Coates as he scored singles on the next 6 ends to take an 11-9 lead. At the next end Holmes sent the jack off the green to give Coates the opportunity of sending a long jack. Coates scored a single to make it 11-10 with two ends left to play.

At the penultimate end, off a long jack, Holmes managed to run the jack to give himself a “2” and at the final end  Holmes set a long jack and bowled a “jack high” bowl, Coates played up into the head and went through the gap. This followed a pattern with Holmes surrounding the jack and Coates playing up into the head and just missing. With his final bowl Coates played too wide leaving Holmes with a “3” and the winner of the John Dunn Shield by 16 shots to 10.