Indoor Bowling Results - Week 2

Madlams (Mick Walker, Tom Robertshaw, Derek Smith, Ian Hodges)  turned in a most impressive display in the Monday Evening Fours at Halifax Bowling Club’s 2017 Spring session. In their first game of the new campaign Madlams introduced young player Tom Robertshaw to the indoor game. Their opposition was highflying Ramblers, (Tony Riley, Ian Johnson, Mel Fielding, Will Muslek), who included ex Scottish junior international Muslek as their skip.

Winter Bowling Abandoned

Week 13 of the winter bowling league was abandoned after one hours play due to snow and ice. Week 13 games will now be played (weather permitting) on Thursday  February 2nd.

Week 12 will be played on Thursday January 26th.

Summary Winter Bowling 2017

There was no winter bowling due to a heavy frost.

Next week the fixtures from week 13 will be played.

Division 1 

11.15 a.m.- Four Play v Rabbits Revenge, Clayhouse v Fiery Jacks.  1.00 .p.m.- Lindley v Kingston, Blue Sox  v Silsden P.F.

Division 2.

11.15 a.m.-Lindley All Stars v Pellon, All Sorts v Elland W.M.. 1.00 p.m.  Hoyle’s War v Sowerby, New Starts v  Clayton.

Indoor Bowling Results - Week 1

Three teams achieved “Hotshots” awards in their first fixtures of Halifax Bowling Club’s Spring season.

Avengers (Jack Summers, Keith Hanson, Mick Skwarek) in the Thursday Evening Triples, New Hotshots (Stewart Wright, David Armitage, David Laycock) and Rabbits (Derek Finch, Con McGinley, Jack Orley) in the Friday Triples all scored the maximum number of shots at one end.

Summary Winter Bowling 2016

The 2016/2017 winter bowling season at Halifax Bowling Club has completed 11 out of the 14 weeks played.

Division 2 has seen three teams in contention for honours with Pellon (Paul Firth, David Agnew, Robert Walker, P. Steele,), Clayton (Bev Shutt, David Moore, Robert Dean, Mick Cowley) and Hoyle’s War (Jean Wilkinson, Toni Agnew, Lorraine, Shirley Dillingham, Catherine Hoyle) battling it out for the top spot.  Pellon and Hoyle’s War were relegated last season but Clayton are a new team to the winter bowling. After 11 games Pellon have scored 185 points, Clayton 179 points and Hoyle’s War 176 points.

In their remaining games Pellon face Hoyle’s War, Lindley All Stars and All Sorts.

Clayton have to play Sowerby, New Starts and Elland W.M., while  for Hoyle’s War their vital game is on January 5th when they play Pellon, much will depend on the outcome of this game for who is promoted to Division 1.

In Division 1 the top spot looks likely to be Clayhouse (Tony Riley, Hedley Kettlewell, Mick Skwarek, Andy Tate) who have scores 195 points from their 11 games played. Much closer is the battle for the runners-up and the third placed spot between Silsden Playing Fields (Alan Hughes, Alan Pennington, Don Metcalfe, Keith Hatzer), Lindley ( Paul Cooney, R. Saunders, Mark Sykes, P. Hopkinson)  ), Rabbits Revenge ( Alan Harris, Mike Benson, Dave Pollard, David Hemsley  ) and Fiery Jacks ( Brian Needham, Jim Eaton, Malcolm Griffiths, Mick Walker ).

Blue Sox (Pat Grant, Neil Dickie, Peter Gregory, Ian Ellis) and Kingston (John Worsnop, Steven Sykes, R. Gray, Colin Broadley, Christine Midgley) look likely to be relegated after their promotion last season.

In the remaining three games the top teams have to play one another so the second and third places are up for grabs.