Winter Bowling Week 8 2019


Lindley 21  Mavericks 14

Clayhouse 20  Simply the Best 11

Four Play 17  Firey Jacks 17

Rabbits Revenge 15  Whirls Wizards 22


Pellon 20 Pirates 14

Halifax ladies 6  Sowerby 24

Tykes 19  Halifax Extra 13

Kingston 19  Blue Sox 26

Indoor Bowling Results Week 12 November 2019

Photo of Mick Carter. Mick plays for Vixens in  Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours.

The spotlight this week in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues focuses on Division 2 of the Wednesday Fours. Leading the way on 16 points from their 11 games played is new team  Beta Blockers ( Alan Singleton, Eleanor Carney, John Crowson, Chris Lindsey). Having started playing indoor bowling last year, the four players have continued to improve their play. In a rearranged game against title challengers  Fair of Face (Mary Crabtree, Paul Green, Lynda Canning, Geoff Harrison, Bronwin Bannon), Beta Blockers completed an emphatic 16-8 success. However in this week’s game against  the experienced Jack High  ( Pat Wright, Terry O’Brien, Stuart Coates, Ninnian Donnelly) the superior play of Jack High saw them beat Beta Blockers 13 shots to 5.

Winter Bowling Week 7 2019


Four Play 19  Lindley 18

Rabbits Revenge 18  Clayhouse 18

Fiery Jacks 16  Simply the Best 18

Whirls Wizards 21 Mavericks 13


Pirates 17  Sowerby 17

Blue Sox 17  Tykes 14

Pellon 16  Halifax Extra 13

Kingston 22  Halifax Ladies 11

Indoor Bowling Results Week 11 November 2019

Photo of Springers player Wendy Garside. Wendy plays for Springers in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours.

Brian Winrow has been one of the star players in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues. Winrow starred in key games in the Monday Afternoon Fours and Wednesday Fours.

In the Wednesday Fours, leaders Northern Lights (Les Holmes, Mick Walker, John Beverley, Michael Hutchinson) faced second in the table Black Cats (Brian Winrow, Andy Balmforth, John Sharp, Paul Gill). With two of the best lead players in the league in opposition the game was set to be a thriller. However superb leading by Winrow and an off day by Holmes saw Black Cats race into an early lead. Winrow took the mat up the rink and bowled short of the “T” to bowl about 28 metres and consistently placed his bowls around the jack. Northern Lights had no answer to Winrow’s play as with the help of his team mates, Black Cats ran out 17-6 winners. Both teams are now level at the top of the league table with Northern Lights having a superior points difference.

Winter Bowling Week 6 2019


Mavericks 24  Simply the Best 10

Four Play 8  Rabbits Revenge 24

Lindley 12  Whirls Wizards 22

Clayhouse 16  Fiery Jacks 16


Halifax Extra 12  Blue Sox 24

Tykes 14  Sowerby 17

Halifax Ladies 11  Pirates 22

Pellon 21  Kingston 14