Winter Bowling Week 6 2019


Mavericks 24  Simply the Best 10

Four Play 8  Rabbits Revenge 24

Lindley 12  Whirls Wizards 22

Clayhouse 16  Fiery Jacks 16


Halifax Extra 12  Blue Sox 24

Tykes 14  Sowerby 17

Halifax Ladies 11  Pirates 22

Pellon 21  Kingston 14

Indoor Bowling Results Week 10 November 2019

Photo of Steve Rothwell. Steve plays for several teams in the indoor leagues. His most successful team this season is in Division 1 of the Tuesday Pairs where he partners John Beverley and plays as Little & Large. Steve plays his outdoor bowling at Hove Edge B.C.

One of the outstanding games of the season was played in  Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn leagues, in the Wednesday Evening Fours when  two of the outstanding teams, Arriva (Les Holmes, Graham Hickey, Robert Holmes, Graham Wilson) and Up the Edge (Chloe Hirst, Tom Gasson, Frank Higgins, Scott Smith) were in opposition.  Arriva took a 2-0 lead before Up the Edge levelled the game at 3 shots each .Hirst the lead player for Up the Edge set a short jack, 2 spots up from the” T” to full length and Holmes, the lead player for Arriva alternated with a maximum  mark of “T” to “T”  and a minimum length jack of 23 metres.

The sides were level at 6 shots each with two ends to play. Up the Edge bowled to perfection as a team and scores a “2” and a single to take the game by7 9 shots to 6.

This result means that Up the Edge lead the division with 14 points from 7 games played. Clayton are second with 14 points from 9 games played and Arriva have dropped down to third place with 12 points from 8 games played.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 9 November 2019

Photo  of Halifax Bowling Club’s Outdoor Bowling Prize Presentation. Photo shows prize winners with the guest of honour, Dennis Patrick in the centre. The club’s Mens’ bowling Secretary, David Armitage is on the left and Barbara Gee the club’s Ladies’ Bowling Secretary on the right of the picture.

Halifax Bowling Club held their annual prize presentation recently at the club. The club was formed over 125 years ago and now runs 31 teams in a variety of leagues. The guest of honour was Dennis Patrick, who presented the prizes. Dennis, bowled outdoor for Akroydon Victoria  almost  50 years ago and then moved south with his job. He turned to flat and indoor bowling and  gained his county cap with Kent and Middlesex. He then moved to Southern Ireland where he continued to achieve  success and became President of the Bowling league of Ireland.

Each captain gave a brief report on their team’s season and competition winners were presented with their trophies.

David Armitage, the Mens’ Bowling secretary thanked Dennis and the  Halifax members for their contribution to another outstanding and successful season.

There was an outstanding game in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues when the two top teams in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs were in opposition.

Young Guns (Chloe Hirst, Frank Higgins) and Bowl You Over (Tom Robertshaw, Andrew Gee), four of the league’s top indoor bowlers played out an exceptional high standard of indoor bowling. Young Guns raced into a 5-2 advantage before Bowl You Over pulled the score back to 5-4 by scoring two singles. At the start of the last end Hirst, a superb leader bowled one of her woods for “shot” bowl. Gee, the skip for Bowl You Over, with his last bowl of the game sent a strong wood up the rink which knocked out Young Guns scoring bowl to leave his pairing holding a “5”. Gee knew before he played his shot that his pairing had five “seconds” but he was a bit fortunate in that his bowl went “in off” another bowl before he knocked out Young Guns bowl out of the head. With his final bowl Higgins, the skip for Young Guns, sent his bowl too wide and too far as Bowl You over emerged as 9-5 winners. A score line that did not reflect the closeness of the game.

Winter Bowling Week 4 2019


Four Play 12  Mavericks 20

Rabbits Revenge 14 Fiery Jacks 15

Clayhouse 20  Whirls Wizards 12

Lindley 20  Simply the Best 11


Halifax Ladies 5 Blue Sox 24

Kingston 21  Pirates 16

Pellon 18  Tykes 17

Halifax Extra 7  Sowerby 24

Indoor Bowling Results Week 8 October 2019

Trevor-Heley.jpg - 30.42 kBPhoto of Trevor Heley. Trevor and his wife Ann lead the Saturday Pairs “Plate” league with 100% record. Trevor also skips for Vixens in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours.

T.N.T. (Danny Leather, Neil Mort) and champions Clayton (Tony Riley, Paul Gill) played out an outstanding game of indoor bowls in a rearranged Friday Evening Pairs game in Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn leagues.

Clayton opened up a 4-0 lead before T.N.T. fought their way back into the game with a “3” and a single. In a “nip and tuck” encounter after one hour and twenty minutes play, the teams were level at 9 shots each.

At the final end Riley, the number one player for Clayton sent three of his bowls short and his other bowl finished  behind the jack. Leather, the lead player for T.N.T. was holding “shot”, with both skips left to play their four bowls. Gill, the experienced skip for Clayton sent a strong bowl into the head and knocked out his team mate’s saving bowl. Mort played into the head and ran the jack onto his teams’ bowls for a “4”. Gill responded by showing his expertise as he bowled in “shot” wood for Clayton to hold a single. However Mort rose to the occasion as with his final bowl he pushed out Gill’s winning bowl for his team to score a single and take the game by 10 shots to 9.