Indoor Bowling Results Week 11 March 2020

The Spring Indoor Bowling Leagues at Halifax Bowling Club have finished after each team has played 11 games.  All outstanding games have been awarded as a draw. The prizes will be distributed at an appropriate time. The season has been cut short by 3 weeks due to the coronavirus.


WINNERS-G. 2 + A. 2

2nd- Well Bowled





2nd-Up the Edge




WINNERS-Little & Large

2nd-Bowl You Over

3rd- Young Guns

Relegated- 2 B’s and 46ers


WINNERS-Valley Boys

2nd-Stray Cats

3rd—Pat 7 Pete

Promoted- Valley Boys and Stray Cats



WINNERS-Northern Lights

2nd- Black Cats

3rd--  Illingworth

Relegated  Knockelly Stars and Beta Blockers


WINNERS- Rockets

2nd- Guys & Dolls

3rd- Jack High

Promoted Rockets and Guys & Dolls



2nd- Up the Edge

3rd- Clayton


WINNERS - Madlams

2nd- Little & Large

3rd Clayton




2nd-G. 2 + 1

3rd-New Patacakes

Relegated Untouchables

(Only one team relegated as New Patacakes have withdrawn from the Autumn season)


WINNERS- Sutty’s Heroes

2nd-Bob’s Kingdom

3rd-     The Fridays

Promoted  Sutty’s Heroes and Bob’s Kingdom



2nd-  T.N.T.


WINNERS- Wellhouse

2nd- Eskimos

3rd-  Rainy Days



2nd-  Ghurkas

3rd- 2 A’s

Indoor Bowling Results Week 10 March 2020

Photo of Katie Gilbert. Katie plays with her husband Russ in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs and after the latest result lies in second place in the Saturday “Shield”. Katie and Russ play as Rainy Days. In the 2020 Autumn league Katie and Russ hope to put a family team in the Wednesday Evening Fours with son Eddie and Russ’s dad Mel Gilbert.

The Indoor Bowling leagues at Halifax Bowling Club will close after 18/03/202 and the results will be calculated.. If any team does not wish to play their fixtures then their captain will inform their opponents and the game will be awarded 10-0 to their opponents. The Club will remain open for social bowling at individuals own risk.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 9 March 2020

Photo of Renata Eyres. Renata plays for One Direction in the Monday Evening Fours, Bee Hives with husband Eddie in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs and in the Saturday Pairs “Shield” again with Eddie. She plays her outdoor bowling at Sowerby B.C.

One of the most impressive results in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues was in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs when the leaders of the division Valley Boys (Keith Hanson, Nick Blackburn) were up against middle of the table Bee Hives ( Renata and Eddie Eyres). The game was “nip and tuck” from the start of the game as after the first 6 ends Valley Boys were leading 4-2 with singles scored at each end.

 Bee Hives scored a “3” at the next end to make the score 5-4 to Bee Hives. The final end of the game saw the lead player for Valley Boys, Hanson bowling in “3” shot bowls before Renata played up into the head and took the jack which left her side holding a “3”. Hanson’s final bowl of his four bowls picked up the jack again and finished in the ditch holding second shot. As his bowl had hit the jack the bowl was still “live” and counted in the end.

With the “skips” left to play their final four bowls. Eddie Eyres then came to take centre stage as he bowled in “3” more shots leaving the skip for Valley Boys, the experienced Blackburn to try and pick up the jack and put it in the ditch. However he was unable to connect which left Bee Hives with a “4” and take the game by 9 shots to 4. This performance from Bee Hives was probably their most satisfying since they entered the leagues two years ago.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 8 March 2020

Photo of Andy Balmforth. Andy is new to indoor bowling but is making his mark in the leagues as he plays with Up the Edge in the Monday Evening Fours, partners Stuart Baker in Division 2 of the Tuesday Pairs where they play as Stray Cats. Also plays in Division 1 of the Friday triples with Patacakes.

There were several important results in the Tuesday evening Pairs at Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues.

Leaders Young Guns (Chloe Hirst, Frank Higgins) faced Autumn champions Bowl You Over (Tom Robertshaw, Andrew Gee). Hirst, one of the county’s top crown green lady bowlers is also one of the Halifax club’s top lead players. With Higgins giving her excellent support Young Guns moved into a 5-2 lead. Bowl You Over pulled the score line back to  5 shots each before at the next end Young Guns were holding a “3” before the skip for Bowl You Over , Gee bowled in a superb “toucher” to take “shot” and his team moved in front at  6-5. At the penultimate end Young Guns replied with a “2” to move into a 7-6 lead. The final end was “nip and tuck” before Bowl You Over, the Autumn champions scored a “2” to take the game by 8 shots to 7. A superb game of indoor bowling.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 7 Feb 2020

Photo of Tom Robertshaw. Tom partners Andy Gee in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs as Bowl You Over and plays his outdoor bowling at Ripponden Bowling Club.

One of the most important game’s of the week in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues was played in the Monday Afternoon Fours when the unbeaten leaders of the division Well Bowled (Brian Winrow, Gary Plane, Steve Dunwell, Nick Blackburn) faced challengers Rascals (Jean Wade. Ken Sharkey, Derek Squires, David Laycock). With Jean Wade leading superbly off a long jack mark and well supported by her team mates Rascals took an early lead. However Well Bowled fought back and with their lead player Winrow shortening the length of the jack, and their skip Blackburn making a significant contribution to the game, Well Bowled took a 11-9 lead with two ends to go. At the penultimate end Rascals scored a single leaving it all to play for in the final end. Off a long mark Rascals surrounded the “head” to leave them holding a “3”. Blackburn played up twice into the head but each time narrowly missed the scoring bowls as he went through the gap as Rascals took the game by 13 shots to 11.