Indoor Bowling Results Week 11 March 2019

Photo of Michael Hutchinson. Michael plays with Ray Clegg in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs as C. Dogs. He also plays with Clegg in the Friday pairs. Michael plays as “skip” for Northern Lights in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours. He plays his outdoor bowling at Shelf.

The big game in Division 2 of the Friday Triples was between second in the table Bob’s Kingdom (Carol Onions, David Onions, Bob Kingdom) and leaders Sutty’s Heroes (John Sutcliffe, Peter Atherton, John Wilson). Sutty’s Heroes, who were relegated at the end of the Autumn season have had a superb season with 10 wins out of  11 games played.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 10 March 2019

Photo of Chloe Hirst and Frank Higgins. Chloe is having her most successful season of indoor bowling. She is through to the semi-final of the John Dunn Singles K.O. Competition, where she plays holder Gareth Coates and with partner Frank is through to the semi final of the Sheila Holbrook Pairs.

Chloe and Frank play as Young Guns in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs and also play for Up the Edge in the Wednesday Evening Fours.

Young Guns (Chloe Hirst, Frank Higgins) closed the gap at the top of Division 1 in the Tuesday Evening pairs as excellent leading by Hirst off a short jack saw them beat 2 B’s (Bea Grant, Barbara Gee) by 10 shots to 4.

Hirst was well supported by Higgins who bowled in for “shot” on the rare occasion that the 2 B’s were holding “shots”.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 9 March 2019

Derek-Finch.jpg - 21.2 kBPhoto of Derek Finch. Derek plays for Rabbits in the Monday Afternoon Fours and the Friday Triples, Rockets in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours and partners Stewart Wright in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs, where they play as 46ers. He plays his outdoor bowling at Halifax Bowling Club.

Alan Cowburn was “the star of the show” as he helped A’s & B’s to their first success of 2019 in the Monday Afternoons Fours at Halifax Bowling Club’s Spring Leagues. A’s & B’s (Audrey Batchelor, Bob Batchelor, Cowburn, Donald Asquith) were playing high flying K.9’s (Eric Grant, Malcalm Wragg,  Marian Quick,Stuart Baker) but an inspired performance from Cowburn well supported by his team saw A’s & B’s run out 19-10 winners. K.9’s could never find their true form as A’s & B’s put pressure on them at every end.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 8 February 2019

Eileen-Dovernor2.jpg - 20.86 kBPhoto of Dodgers and Guys & Dolls lead player Eileen Dovernor. Dodgers are leading the way in the Monday Afternoon Fours and  Guys & Dolls are challenging for honours in Division 2 of the Wednesday Fours.

There was the biggest upset of the Spring season in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs when top of the league Little & Large (Steve Rothwell, John Beverley) played relegation favourites and bottom of the table the 2  B’s (Eric Grant, Barbara Gee).

Eric Grant was standing in for his wife Bea, who was unavailable for this game. With Grant leading to perfection on a maximum length jack, and Gee bowling in to score several shots, the 2 B’s went into a 10-0 advantage. Beverley, fresh home from a cruise, struggled with his line and length as he failed to hit the “head” when playing through. However with the score 10-0 and 2 B’s holding “shot” Gee was asked to send a bowl to the back of the rink near the ditch which she failed to do as her bowl finished short.  Beverley had his” moment of glory” as he sent a strong bowl in to the “head” and knocked the jack to the back of the rink to sore a “5”. Little & Large had hoped of a comeback but Gee bowled in at the next end to make the score 11-5. At the final end Little & Large scored a single to make the final score 11-6 to the 2 B’s.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 7 February 2019

Picture of Illingworths player Ken Sharkey. Illingworth are top of Division 1 in the Wednesday Fours and Ken partners Eddie Hodgson in Division 2 of the Tuesday Pairs and again they are challenging for honours.

The Wednesday Fours saw a day of shocks in Halifax Bowling Club’s Spring indoor leagues.

In Division 2 Endeavour (Doreen Allison, Pam Robinson, Jimmy Bainbridge, John Hamer) a new team, but with experienced players, in the Wednesday league were unbeaten with 6 wins from their 6 games played. In their latest game with bottom of the league Fair of Face (Mary Crabtree, Paul Green, Lynda Canning, Geoff Harrison) they found themselves 10-0 down thanks to superb leading by the number 1 player for Fair of Face, Mary Crabtree. Crabtree set a short length jack and the experienced Endeavour quartet had no answer as they failed to find their length. A good all round team performance by Fair of Face with excellent support play by skip Harrison gave Fair of Face their first win of the season as they ran out 14-5 winners.