There was no winter bowling due to the snow and ice. There are now two weeks left to play. ( week 10 and week 14)

Indoor Bowling Results - Week 3 Spring 2018

The outstanding performance of the week in the indoor bowling leagues at Halifax Bowling Club was by G. 2 +  1 (Barbara Gee, Jimmy Bainbridge, David Gee) in Division 1 of the Friday Triples when they beat Red Mist (Les Holmes, Philip Holroyd, Keith Hatzer) by 19 shots to 13.

Red Mist have not lost a game for three seasons but an inspired display by skip David Gee saw Red Mist win only four ends to G. 2 + 1’s 13 ends. The game over the opening period was “nip and tuck” before G. 2 + 1 opened up a 15-10 lead. The tactics from lead G. 2 + 1 player Barbara Gee saw her changing the jack length at every end to stop the Red Mist trio from settling to a length. Skip David Gee bowled into the head when his team were down and bowled in for extra shots when they were holding shot. All the G. 2 + 1 trio bowled superbly as Philip Holroyd was the star for Red Mist, but his efforts proved to no avail as G. 2 + 1 achieved a memorable victory. Red Mist only scored at 4 ends but they scored 3 “3”’s and a 4 in their total of 13 shots.

Winter Bowling Week 13 2018

Clayhouse ( Tony Riley, Mick Skwarek, Hedley Kettlewell, Ian Johnson) moved to the top of Division 1 as they beat Fiery Jacks (Brian Nedham, Jim Eaton, John Ingham, Mick Walker) by 19 points to 14. Riley, Kettlewell, and Johnson all registered wins as Eaton starred for Fiery Jacks with a 21-20 win against Skwarek. Clayhouse have moved to 187 points from their 11 games played with Lindley and Silsden P.F. 11 points behind on 176 points.

Silsden P.F. (Philip Holroyd, Alan Hughes, Don Metcalfe, Keith Hatzer) beat Clayton (Philip Lister, David Moore, Andy Peel, Bev Shutt) 17-12. Only Peel tasted success as he beat Metcalfe 21-12.

Indoor Bowling Results - Week 2 Spring 2018

The two teams relegated from Division 1 in the Tuesday Evening Pairs, Young Guns (Chloe Hirst, Frank Higgins) and Jammy Duo (Lynda Mort. Neil Mort) played out a superb game in their opening fixture of Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues. Jammy Duo registered a “3” at the first end before Young Guns replied with a “3” at the second end. Young Guns increased their lead at the next end to 5-3 as they scored a “2”. However Jammy Duo went into a narrow 6-5 lead as they scored a “2” and a single. The game went “nip and tuck” before the start of the penultimate send saw Jammy Duo hold a narrow 8-7 advantage.

Winter Bowling Week 12 2018

On a cold and wet Thursday, week 12 of Halifax Bowling Club’s winter league saw several close results.

Leaders of Division 1, Lindley (S. Greaves, P. Cooney, R. Saunders, P. Hopkinson) had a tough game against Rabbits Revenge (D. Pollard, David Emsley, M. Benson, J. Harris). Bothteams had two wins Pollard and Emsley for Rabbits Revenge and Saunders and Hopkinson for Lindley as Rabbits Revenge ran out 15-14 winners. Lindley have dropped to second in the table as Silsden P.F. (Philip Holroyd, Don Metcalfe, A. Hughes, Keith Hatzer) moved to the top of the table as they beat Hoyle’s War (Shirley Dillingham, Catherine Hoyle, Lorraine Hirst, Susan Smith) by  16 points to 15. Hoyle and Hirst were the winners for Hoyle’s War.

Indoor Bowling Results - Week1 Spring 2018

The two newly promoted teams in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours, The Rockets (Lorraine Boulton, Ray Davis, David Craven, Derek Finch) and Hard Liners (Joe Phillips, Brian Hoult, Harry Witherspoon, Tony James) found the going tough in their first experience of Division 1 bowling. The Rockets were up against one of the top teams in Northern Lights (Les Holmes, John Beverley, Michael Hutchinson, Mick Walker) who emphasised their superiority with a 24-8 win. Hard Liners fared slightly better as they had a closer encounter against Rabbits + 2 (Steve Lees, Peter Lomax, Ninian Donnelly, Con McGinley) before Rabbits + 2 came out on top by 11 shots to 8.

New Look (John Sutcliffe, Barbara Crompton, Doreen Allison, Doug Gordon) and Vixens (H. Clarke, Gay Wood, D. Wood, Trevor Heley), the two relegated teams played out a “nip  and tuck” game with Vixens taking the honours by 10 shots to 7.