Terms, Conditions and Regulation for Hire:

Please Note The Club is only available for hire for less than 80 people

Booking for birthday parties for under 30s will not be accepted

  1. The club will be opened by a member of the staff, unless agreed otherwise.
  2. The club is let on the understanding that any member of staff has the right of entry at any time to the area hired.
  3. The times booked should be adhered to at all times or further charges will be applied.
  4. Should the member of staff that opens the club, before the function or hire commences, be of the opinion that it is likely to prove of an objectionable and undesirable character, they have the full power to cancel the booking, return the hire fees and not to be liable to pay any compensation.
  5. All bookings by non members must be paid 2 weeks prior to the day of the function.
  6. A security bond of £50 will be payable at the time of booking (at the club’s discretion) and this will only be refundable on satisfactory inspection of the area used after the event.
  7. There is a charge of £25 if the hirer uses the kitchen facility.
  8. If the Barman is required to work additional hours the hirer may be required to pay an extra
  9. All Drink requirements must be supplied by the club at all times.
  10. Any usage of Club equipment e.g. Table clothes must be cleaned by the hirer
  11. ALL FOOD to be placed on the grey tables provided, NO FOOD on the snooker table.
  12. Damage - The hirer will be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage caused, replacing furniture or fittings lost or damaged, or for deep clean of the building in the event that unnecessary mess is caused. In event of this the security bond if applied may be held back to cover these costs.
  13. Conduct - The hirer will be responsible for the proper conduct of persons using the club.
  14. Loss of property - The club does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of property of things that are placed and left upon the premises whilst the club is being hired.
  15. Fire Risks - The hirer should make themselves familiar with the fire procedures for the club and inform club staff at the time of booking of any factor which involves extra fire risks.
  16. Indemnity -The hirer shall indemnify the club against all claims. demands, actions or proceedings in respect of the default or injury caused by or to any person which shall occur whilst the person is in or upon club property or arise from an accident whilst at the premises, or in respect of any loss or damage suffered or sustained by any person.
  17. The hired room foyer and toilets is the only area to be used by the hirer and accepts all other rooms will be either locked or classed as out of bounds unless a request is made.
  18. Gambling of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  19. Groups - All groups working with young people should have their own insurance and staff checks eg. DBS checks The club takes NO responsibility for this and recommends if unsure you seek appropriate advice.
  20. The hirer accepts these terms and conditions on the basis that he/she as named will beheld fully responsible during the hire period.