Lindley(P. Cooney, R. Saunders. P. Hopkinson, R. Dickinson) defeated the all ladies team Hoyle’s War (Joan Wilkinson, Catherine Hoyle, Toni Agnew, Lorraine Hirst)  by 18 points to 10. Only county lady player Hirst had any success as she defeated Dickinson 21-18.

Hoyle’s War and Clayton remain in the relegation places.

In Division 2 Pellon and Kingston look likely winners. Pellon hace accumulated 203 points from their 11 games played with Kingston 15 points behind.

In their latest games  Pellon beat Lindley All Stars (P. Thorp, S. Thorp, A. Henderson, A. Stott) by 20 points to 6 as Bob Walker, David Boden, David Agnew and David Gowing all registered emphatic wins.

Kingston (M. Page, Lyn Cestrone, W. Rust, P. Cestrone) beat third in the table Sowerby (Peter Lomax, Pat Skene, Lesley Ellison, Glenda Hartley) by 18 points to 12. Hartley was the star for Sowerby with a 21-18 success against P. Cestrone.


Clayhouse 20  Clayton 11

Lindley 18  Hoyle’s War 10

Clayton 12  Silsden P.F. 17

Four Play 15  Rabbits Revenge 15

Clayhouse 19  Fiery Jacks 14


Lindley All Stars 6  Pellon 20

All  Sorts 6  Elland W.M. 20

Tykes 16  Blue Sox 9

Kingston 18  Sowerby 12