In Division 2 the scene was set for the battle for third place between Unbelievabowl and Tykes. Unbelievabowl ( Andrew Gee, Nick Oddy, Barbara Gee, Sandra Cooper) were up against the champions Fiery Jacks (Mike Berry, Ian Crossland, Mick Walker, Gordon Bradford) and held a 12 point advantage over Tykes. Tykes (Martin Forster, Michael Hutchinson, Robert Dean, Gary Robinson) faced a strong Blue Sox (Avril Humberstone, Pat Grant, Peter Gregory, Peter Grant). For Unbelievabowl Andrew Gee bowled superbly as he inflicted the first defeat of the season on Walker as he ran out a 21-9 winner. He bowled his short mark over the crown to perfection. Unfortunately for Gee his team mates could not achieve the same success, Oddy was 14 across against Crossland, and then the Fiery jacks player bowled the long corners to run out a 21-14 winner. Barbara Gee was outbowled by Berry and only scored 8 points. Sandra Cooper got off to an excellent start in her game against Bradford before the Greetland player, used his vast experience by bowling her on a falling mark on the edge of the green to take the game 21-12.  The final score was Fiery Jacks 19 Unbelievabowl 11. In their game against Blue Sox, Tykes were pushed all the way by their opponents. The first two jacks saw Forster beating Humberstone 21-10 while Pat Grant and Hutchinson were level at 19 across. Grant bowled a long thumb peg corner and left her bowl 2 yards short, Hutchinson played up and looked to be going off the green before he knocked the jack which stopped his bowl. Grant was wide with her second bowl before Hutchinson bowled a “wonder wood” to score a “2” and take the game 21-19. The other jacks featured Robert Dean against Gregory and Robinson was paired with Grant. Both Tykes players rose to the occasion and bowled superbly as Dean beat Gregory 21-18 and Robinson defeated Grant 21-15 as Tykes took the game 24-12 and finished in third place, one point ahead of Unbelievabowl in a thrilling final game.      

After the games, the Halifax President Ray Clegg presented the prizes to the winners, runners up and third placed teams. The players thanked Halifax Bowling Club for their efforts in running the league and looked forward to 2021.




Runners up- Whirls Wizards

Third Place-  Mavericks

Relegated- Strollers, Four Play


Winners- FieryJacks

Runners up- Simply the Best

Third Place-Tykes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Four Play 11  Lindley 21

Whirls Wizards 14  Mavericks 21

Strollers 16  Pellon 18

Rabbits Revenge 9  Clayhouse 24


Blue Sox 12 Tykes 24

Fiery Jacks 19  Unbelievabowl 11

Kingston 20  Halifax Ladies 14

Halifax “Extra” 14  Simply the Best 22