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The two newly promoted teams in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours, The Rockets (Lorraine Boulton, Ray Davis, David Craven, Derek Finch) and Hard Liners (Joe Phillips, Brian Hoult, Harry Witherspoon, Tony James) found the going tough in their first experience of Division 1 bowling. The Rockets were up against one of the top teams in Northern Lights (Les Holmes, John Beverley, Michael Hutchinson, Mick Walker) who emphasised their superiority with a 24-8 win. Hard Liners fared slightly better as they had a closer encounter against Rabbits + 2 (Steve Lees, Peter Lomax, Ninian Donnelly, Con McGinley) before Rabbits + 2 came out on top by 11 shots to 8.

New Look (John Sutcliffe, Barbara Crompton, Doreen Allison, Doug Gordon) and Vixens (H. Clarke, Gay Wood, D. Wood, Trevor Heley), the two relegated teams played out a “nip  and tuck” game with Vixens taking the honours by 10 shots to 7.

Triers (Peter Richardson, John Palmer, Eddie Hodgson, Patrick McDonnell) got their season off to an excellent start with a 20-5 success over the experienced Guys & Dolls (Eileen Dovernor, Ron bax, Jeff Dovernor, Val Bax).

The two new teams in Division 2 of the Friday Triples, Planes (Stuart Brownridge, David Craven, Ken Piggot) and Larks( Chris Dunwell, Jennifer Plane, Gary Plane), both found the going tough in competitive indoor bowling. Planes found the all ladies trio of Friday Girls (Marion Quick, Doreen Alison, Barbara Crompton) in sparkling form as the ladies ran out 19-8 winners.

Knock Kelly Stars (Maureen Holmes, new player Eddie Hodgson, Derek Squires) played superbly to beat Larks by 17 shots to 8.

Champions Red Mist (Les Holmes, Philip Holroyd, Keith Hatzer) got off to a 20-8 win against New Hotshots (Janis Wright, Stewart Wright, David Laycock). New Hotshots found themselves up against an inspired skip in Hatzer as he saved a “3” and bowled in to take “shot”. However Hotshots made a partial recovery as at 11-0 down they scored two singles and a “3” and a “2” as Red Mist ran out 20-8 winners.

One of the best performances in Division 2 was the performance of Changers (Stella Scully, Margaret Harris, Elspeth Hartley), who beat the experienced Friends (Sue Griffiths, Jean Wade, Pauline Ward) by 14 shots to 11. This was an excellent display by Changers who finished at the bottom of the league in the Autumn league.



Northern Lights 24  The Rockets 8

Hard Liners 8  Rabbits + 2 11

Yorkies 7  Black Cats 20


Springers 4  Fair of Face 15

Kingsley 6  Jack High 11

New Look 7  Vixens 10

Guys & dolls 5  Triers 20


Light Relief 4  Gapp 21

Clayton 17  Up the Edge 13

Saxons 10 Arriva 13


Clayton 30  Larks 6

SID 19  Little & large 11

Light Relief 3  Madlams 10

True Grit 6  Avengers 28



D.W.R.’s 11  Sutty’s Heroes 9

Red Mist 20  New Hotshots 8

Rabbits 8  G. 2 + 1  10

New Patacakes 12  True Grit 17


Friday Girls 19  Planes 8

Knock Kelly Stars 17  Larks 8

Kingsley 8  Untouchables 11

Changers 14  Friends 11