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On a cold and wet Thursday, week 12 of Halifax Bowling Club’s winter league saw several close results.

Leaders of Division 1, Lindley (S. Greaves, P. Cooney, R. Saunders, P. Hopkinson) had a tough game against Rabbits Revenge (D. Pollard, David Emsley, M. Benson, J. Harris). Bothteams had two wins Pollard and Emsley for Rabbits Revenge and Saunders and Hopkinson for Lindley as Rabbits Revenge ran out 15-14 winners. Lindley have dropped to second in the table as Silsden P.F. (Philip Holroyd, Don Metcalfe, A. Hughes, Keith Hatzer) moved to the top of the table as they beat Hoyle’s War (Shirley Dillingham, Catherine Hoyle, Lorraine Hirst, Susan Smith) by  16 points to 15. Hoyle and Hirst were the winners for Hoyle’s War.

Last years champions, Clayhouse (Ian Johnson, T. Harney, Tony Riley, Mel Fielding) were held to a 14 all draw by Four play. Derrick Williamson was the star for Four Play as he beat Harney 21-5. Ray Wolsey gave an impressive performance as he beat Riley 21-16.

In Division 2 the big game saw the top two teams in opposition. Pellon (David Gowling, P. Firth, Robert Walker, David Agnew) in creased their lead at the top of the table as they beat Kingston (David Wood, John Sharp, Steven Sykes, John Worsnop) by 18 points to 14. Walker and Agnew were the stars for Pellon as they registered 21-10 and 21-14 wins against Sykes and Worsnop. For Kingston, Wood and Sharp both had narrow 21-20 wins against Gowling and Firth.


Hoyle’s War 15 Silsden P.F. 16

Fiery Jacks 17  Clayton 13

Rabbits Revenge 15  Lindley 14

Four Play 14  Clayhouse 14


Sowerby 18  Blue Sox 9

Lindley All Stars 16  All Sorts 13

Pellon 18  Kingston 14

Elland W.M. 19  Tykes 8