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The outstanding performance of the week in the indoor bowling leagues at Halifax Bowling Club was by G. 2 +  1 (Barbara Gee, Jimmy Bainbridge, David Gee) in Division 1 of the Friday Triples when they beat Red Mist (Les Holmes, Philip Holroyd, Keith Hatzer) by 19 shots to 13.

Red Mist have not lost a game for three seasons but an inspired display by skip David Gee saw Red Mist win only four ends to G. 2 + 1’s 13 ends. The game over the opening period was “nip and tuck” before G. 2 + 1 opened up a 15-10 lead. The tactics from lead G. 2 + 1 player Barbara Gee saw her changing the jack length at every end to stop the Red Mist trio from settling to a length. Skip David Gee bowled into the head when his team were down and bowled in for extra shots when they were holding shot. All the G. 2 + 1 trio bowled superbly as Philip Holroyd was the star for Red Mist, but his efforts proved to no avail as G. 2 + 1 achieved a memorable victory. Red Mist only scored at 4 ends but they scored 3 “3”’s and a 4 in their total of 13 shots.

Another   outstanding result  was in the Monday Evening Fours when Spartans (John Hamer, Pam Robinson, Brian Holder, David Holder) rose to the occasion in their league game against highflying Ramblers (Tony Riley, Mel Fielding, Ian Johnson, Will Muslek). Off a full length jack Spartans were never behind as a fine team performance saw them run out 18-8 winners. At the penultimate end Riley, the lead player for Ramblers shortened the mark only to see the skip for Spartans, David Holder run the jack onto his team’s back bowls to score a “3” to emphasise his team’s superiority, A feature of the game was that Spartans restricted Ramblers to only scoring singles and a couple of pairs.

Rockets (Mick Rowntree, Stuart Coates, Marian Firth, Gordon Akroyd) and True Grit (Mick Cowley, Neil Mount, John Bunn, Mick Stansfield) played out a “nip and tuck” encounter with Rockets coming out on top by 10 shots to 8.

Avengers (David Ryding, Keith Hanson, Gary Plane, Nick Blackburn) are riding high in the Monday Evening Fours and the Thursday Evening Triples. Their latest success was a narrow 11-9 win over Madlams (Jim Eaton, Tom Robertshaw, Derek Smith, Mick Walker).

Marian Quick has performed well in 2018. Her Saturday team Eskimos (Quick, Jagger) faced the impressive Mavericks (Steve Wandiak, David Boden) in their second game of the season. Mavericks, since joining the indoor bowling league in November have boasted a most impressive record winning 90% of their games. However in their latest encounter Quick, off a mid length jack bowled superbly as she beat the lead player for Mavericks, Wandiak at every end. Boden, the skip for Mavericks had no alternative but to “play through” into the head as he tried to disturb Quicks bowls. Jagger backed up his lead player as Eskimos ran out 19-10 winners.

In the Monday Afternoon Fours, Quick is a member of K.9’s ( Eric Grant, Quick, Stuart Baker, Barry Wright). In their recent game they had a “nip and tuck” affair against Hard Lines (Maywyyne Denby, Jack Pickles, Pam Berry, Brian Ward). Towards the end of the game K.9’s had opened up a 10-5 lead . At the penultimate end they were holding a “5” before their skip Wright tried to bowl in for another shot but knocked one of Hard Lines bowls up to give them a single shot  and so from 15-5 the score line had been pulled back to 10-6. At the final end Hard Lines scored a “2” to make the final score 10-8 to K.9’s.

The two top teams in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours featured Northern Lights (Les Holmes, Tony Dubai, John Beverley, Mick Walker) and Autumn champions Black Cats (Doug Hamilton, Wndal Adams, Jack Orley, Brian Winrow). A Black Cats  team inspired by an excellent performance by skip Winrow were never behind until the end of the game. At the start of the last end they held a 11-10 advantage but Northern Lights scored a “3” at the final end to score a narrow 13-11 success.


Rascals 11  Rabbits 6

Luddites 4  G. 2 + A. 2  19

K.9’s 10 Hard Lines 8

Yorkies 8  Triers 14

Black Jacks 7  Dodgers 7

A’s & B’s12  Ever Hopeful 8


Don’t Be Short 4  Amethyst 19

Rockets 10  True Grit 8

Spartans 18  Ramblers 8

Madlams 9  Avengers 11

Madlams 16  Spartans 4



Valley Boys 8  Pat &  Pete 8


Brookley 11  46ers 8



Yorkies 4 Illingworth 17

Northern Lights 13  Black Cats 11

Rabbits + 2  17  The Rockets 9


Hard Liners 14  Foxes 7

Triers 8  Vixens 20


Light Relief 10  Up the Edge 15

Clayton 24  The Jets 2


Larks 8 Avengers 27

True Grit 10  Madlams 15

Clayton 27  Little & Large 8

Light Relief 6  S.I.D. 19



D.W.R.’s 22  True Grit 7

Sutty’s Heroes 14  New Hotshots 10

Rabbits 10  New Patacakes 12

G. 2 + 1  19  Red Mist 13


Kingsley 6  Friends 16

Friday Girls 13  Changers 11

Knock Kelly Stars 13  Planes 11

Untouchables 15  Larks 4


C. Dogs 14  M.G.M. 11

Gary & Ann 3  Clayton 13

H.L.I. 14  T.N.T. 12



The Guys 19  Lydgate 4

Mavericks 10  Eskimos 19

Wellhouse 7  Red Woods 24


Chatterbox 5  Rainy Days 16

Here’s Hoping 10  First Timers 7