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It was an evening of shock results in the Monday Evening Fours at Halifax Bowling Club. Leading the way was the “skip” for Don’t Be Short” Val Bax who lead her team mates, Michael Calvert, Del Haigh and Ron Bax to a brilliant 16-6 success against high flying Madlams (Jim Eaton, John Leeming, Tom Robertshaw, Mick Walker). On several ends Madlams were holding “3’s” and “4’s”, but Val bowled in for “shot” bowl for her team.

An amazing 12-11 win by new team One Direction (Ann Booth, Maxine Hickey, Milly Wheelwright, Richard Booth) against the unbeaten stars of Up the Edge (Tony Beeden, A. Beeden, Keith Hatzer, Scott Smith), saw the teams level at the start of the last end. During the game the lead player for Up the Edge, Tony Beeden had continually changed the jack length to try and put the One Direction players under pressure. At the end of the game there was a measure for “shot” which was won by One Direction with caused much excitement amongst the One Direction players. However through the game the new inexperienced players of One Direction had been helped by the experienced Hatzer, who had given several helpful hints to his opponents.

Spartans (John Hamer, Pam Robinson, Brian Holder, David Holder) proved too strong for Avengers (Keith Hanson, Steve Rothwell, Danny Leather, Nick Blackburn) as they ran out 17-5 winners.

Jack High (Pat Wright, Terry O’Brien, Stuart Coates, Ninnian Donnelly) registered a “Hot Shots” award in their Division 2 game in the Wednesday Fours against Fair of Face (Dorothy, Sykes, Paul Green, Bronwyn Bannon, Geoff Harrison ). Jack High were trailing by 5-4 before they gained an “8” at the next end. Later in the game Fair of Face were holding a “3” before  Donnelly, the skip for Jack High ran the jack onto Wright’s back bowl. The final score was 15-9 to Jack High.

Val Bax again played her part in Guys & Dolls (Eileen Dovernor, Ron Bax, Jeff Dovernor, Val Bax) 10-7 win against leaders Foxes (Janet Holroyd, Janet Bull, Marjorie Weir, Ann Heley).

New Patackes (Pauline Holroyd, Eric Grant, Stuart Baker) were superb  in Division 1 of the Friday Triples as the beat the unbeaten Leaders Red Mist (Les Holmes, Philip Holroyd, Ian Smith) by 17 shots to 13. Pauline, played an excellent game as the lead player against her husband’s team and was wells supported by Grant and skip Baker).

 “Well Bowled” will be bringing their “Pop Up” shop to the Indoor Bowling on Monday November 5th at 10.00 a.m.

There is a “starter” session on a Monday morning at 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon for anyone wanting to “have a go” at indoor bowling.


Rascals 16  Dodgers 10

Hard Lines 13  Yorkies 4

Black Jacks 6 G. 2 + A. 2  28

A’s & B’s 15 Everhopeful 7

K.9’s 3  Rabbits 23

Triers 16  Luddites 13


Spartans 17 Avengers 5

Madlams 6 Don’t Be Short 16

Up the Edge 11  One Direction 12

Amethyst 13  Rockets 7



Valley Boys 5  Little & large 7

Young Guns 23  Pat & Pete 1

C Dogs 11  Sid 2

2 B’s 9  Dad & Lad 3


Brookley 9  Double D. 6

Rainy days 5  Engineers 6

Bowl You Over 15 46ers 2

46ers 8  Jammy Duo 7



Vixens 11  The Rockets 12

Hard Liners 2 Northern Lights 23

Illingworth 17 Rabbits + 2  5

Black Cats 20  New Look 1


Kingsley 6  Yorkies 8

Springers 10  Triers 10

Fair of Face 9  Jack High 15

Foxes 7  Guys & Dolls 10


Light Relief 5  Gapp 14

GBC 5  Up the Edge 23

Saxons 3 Arriva 20

Clayton 22  The Jets 5


Hotpots 6  Little & Large 26

True Grit 7  SID 26

Avengers 13  Madlams 11

Clayton 32  Light Relief 6



DWR’s 13 Friends 23

Friends 9  Friday Girls 13

Red Mist 13  New Patacakes 17

New Hotshots 9  G. 2 + 1  16

DWR’s 11  Rabbits 14


Kingsley 10  Untouchables 12

True Grit 29  Planes 6

Changers 6  Sutty’s Heroes 21

Larks 12  Planes 10

Knock Kelly Stars 13  Changers 17

Kingsley 3  True Grit  14

Untouchables 16  Sutty’s Heroes 6


Gary & Pat 29  M. & J. 3

Sisters 2  M.G.M. 18

C. Dogs 6  Clayton 11

T.N.T. 18  H.L.I. 11



Red Woods 4  Eskimos 26

The Guys 19 Pennine P.S. 5


Ponders 5  First Timers 6

Manjimups 3 The 2 A’s 13

Chatterbox 9  Here’s Hoping 6

J. & M. 8  T. & A. 15