document Indoor Bowling Results Week 8 November 2018

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Rodney-Collinge2.jpg - 20.22 kBPhoto of Rodney Collinge, the skip for Rockets, in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours. Rodney also plays for Dodgers in the Monday Afternoon Fours.

Rockets in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours in Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn leagues achieved their best ever result since their formation three seasons ago. Starting in Division 2 in Autumn last year they got promoted to Division 1 where they finished 4th from bottom in the Spring league. Rockets ( Derek Finch, John Hartley, Lorraine Boulton, Rodney Collinge)) with 3 wins already this season were up against title contenders Black Cats (Jack Orley, A. Balmforth, John Sharp, Paul Gill). Rockets were never behind and moved into a 6-0 lead. Cats pulled the score line back to 6-3 and were lying a “3” when Rockets skip, Collinge  sent up a strong bowl which knocked the jack into the ditch to leave his side holding a “2”. Black Cats again fought back to 7-8 but another strong bowl by Collinge when his team Rockets were two shots down, saw the jack moved and left his team with a single, to make the score line  9-7. After more successful strong bowls played by the respective skips Black Cats needed a “5” at the last end to win the game but Rockers scored a “2” to make the final score 14-11. A feature of this exciting game was that all the jacks played were at the maximum length and both skips excelled at moving the jack several times during the game. Hartley is proving an excellent acquisition for Rockets and is steadily regaining the form of recent years.

The experienced David Laycock, who plays five times a week in different teams had one of his most successful weeks, as standing in for Steve Webster, he partnered Stuart Baker, who play as Engineers in Division 2 of the Tuesday Evening pairs, where their team was up against the unbeaten leaders of the division Bowl You Over, (Andrew Gee, John Sharp). Engineers were never behind as superb leading by Laycock plus excellent support play by skip Baker saw Engineers run out 8-3 winners.

Laycock played skip for his team New Hotshots (Janis Wright, Stewart Wright, Laycock) in Division 1 of the Friday Triples and in a close fought game against leaders Red Mist (Les Holmes, Pauline Holroyd, Ian Smith), all the New Hotshots trio played their part as New Hotshots inflicted the second defeat of the season on Red Mist as they ran out 20-12 winners. Laycock did have a bit of “luck” in this game as he had a couple of “nicks” to score winners and save shots for his team.

The outstanding game in the Wednesday Evening Fours between two of the league’s big guns , Arriva (Les Holmes, Robert Hitchen. Robert Holmes, Gareth Coates) and Clayton (Tony Riley, Mel Fielding, Hedley Kettlewell, Paul Gill) ended up in victory for Clayton. The Bradford based team moved into a 8-0 lead and were always in control of the game as they ran out 13-8 winners.

There is a “starter” session on a Monday morning at 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon for anyone wanting to “have a go” at indoor bowling.


K.9’s 12  Black Jacks 11

Luddites 6  Dodgers 22

Rabbits 21  Everhopeful 5

A’s & B’s 18  Yorkies 3

Triers 17  Hard Lines 6

Rascals 6 G. 2 + A. 2 13


Madlams 11  Spartans 13

Don’t Be Short 8 Amethyst 13

Rockets 16 One Direction 5

Avengers 8  Up the Edge 13



Little & Large 6  2 B’s 3

SID 10  Young Guns 6

C. Dogs 7  Valley Boys 7


Double D. 13  Jammy Duo 8

Brookley 7  The Hollies 3

Rainy Days 7  Brookley 12

46ers 8  Jammy Duo 7

Engineers 8  Bowl You Over 3

Double D. 10  The Hollies 9



Vixens 10  Black Cats 26

Rabbits & 2  10  New Look 7

Northern Lights 18  Illingworth 5

The Rockets 14  Black Cats 11

Hard Liners 18  Vixens 9


Yorkies 13  Jack High 10

Triers 10  Fair of Face 5

Guys & Dolls 18  Kingsley 6

Foxes 18  Springers 8


The Jets 8  Up the Edge 18

Arriva 8  Clayton 13

Gapp 12  GBC 6

Saxons 23 Light Relief 4


Light Relief 17 Madlams 13

True Grit 11  Avengers 16

SID 23 Little & Large 15



Red Mist 12  New Hotshots 20

Friends 16 DWR’s 8

New Patacakes 14  Friday Girls 10

Rabbits 6  G. 2 + 1  17


True Grit 20  Planes 6

Kingsley 4  Untouchables 18

Knock Kelly Stars 20  Larks 6

Changers 2  Sutty’s Heroes 34


C. Dogs 14  TNT 9

Clayton 10  Gary & Pat 9

H.L.I. 16  Sisters 5

M & J. 0 M.G.M. 10

C. Dogs 4  H.L.I. 16

M & J. 8  Sisters 13



Pennine P.S. 12  Red Woods 17

Pennine V.I. 17  Red Woods 8

Eskimos 14  Rainy days 13

Bee Hives 5  Red Woods 20


First Timers 11  Manjimups 3

The 2 A’s 2  J. & M. 13

T. & A. 10  Here’s Hoping 7

Ponders 7 Chatterbox 6

Chatterbox 10  First Timers 7