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Photo of Michael Hutchinson. Michael plays with Ray Clegg in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs as C. Dogs. He also plays with Clegg in the Friday pairs. Michael plays as “skip” for Northern Lights in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours.He plays his outdoor bowling at Shelf.

The big game in Division 2 of the Friday Triples was between second in the table Bob’s Kingdom (Carol Onions, David Onions, Bob Kingdom) and leaders Sutty’s Heroes (John Sutcliffe, Peter Atherton, John Wilson). Sutty’s Heroes, who were relegated at the end of the Autumn season have had a superb season with 10 wins out of  11 games played.

 Bob’s Kingdom, are playing in their first season in competitive indoor bowling and moved into a 8-1 lead with hopes of causing an upset. However all was to change, as when Sutty’s Heroes won the jack they showed their experience by changing the jack length and won the next eleven ends to run out 25-8 winners. They finished the game with a “4”, “5” and a “3”. Sutty’s Heroes will be taking their place in Division 1 of the Autumn league with Bob’s Kingdom favourites to take the runners up spot.

Friday Girls (Doreen Allison, Barbara Crompton, Marian Quick) who are challenging Bob’s Kingdom for the runners up spot found Untouchables (Ron Bax, Alan Horbury, Michael Calvert) in a determined mood as in a “nip and tuck” encounter Untouchables ran out 12-11 winners.

Larks (Chris Dunwell, Jennifer Plane, Steve Dunwell) moved up the table into 4th spot with a 21-4 victory over Changers (Elspeth Hartley, Vicki Hoyle, Anne Mullaney).

Dodgers (Eileen Dovernor, Lorraine Boulton, Jeff Dovernor, Rodney Collinge) took one step nearer to winning the Monday Afternoon Fours title with a narrow 10-8 success over Hard Lines (Pauline Ward, Maywynne Denby, Jack Pickles, Brian Ward). In a “nip and tuck” encounter Dodgers held on to their early lead to claim the honours. Dodgers have only two games left Triers (Brian Winrow, Steve Dunwell, Chris Dunwell, Gary Plane, Nick Blackburn) in their final game of the season and Everhopeful (Jan Wright, Ann Oates, Joan Hallowes, Anne Mullaney) in a rearranged game. Dodgers have had an exceptional season just dropping one point all season to Rabbits. Their success has been an excellent team effort with Eileen Dovernor leading superbly, new player Lorraine Boulton has made the most improvement of any player, consistent backing up and good support play be Jeff Dovernor and excellent “skip” play by Rodney Collinge.

K.9’s (Marian Quick, Malcolm Wragg, Stuart Baker, Barry Wright) had a superb game against Ever Hopeful (Jan Wright, Ann Oates, Joan Hallowes, Anne Mullaney) with K.9’s taking the honours by 12 shots to 11.

In a bottom of the table clash in the Monday Evening Fours Don’t Be Short (Ann Robinson, Ron Bax. Michael Calvert, Gary Robinson) and One Direction (Ann Booth, Millie Wheelwright, Michael Keyskin, Eddie Eyres) were involved in a “nip and tuck” encounter with One Direction coming out on top be the narrowest of margins by 12 shots to 11. With the scores at 6 shots each One Direction scored a “3” which meant that Don’t Be Short were playing “catch up”, which they narrowly failed to do losing by the odd shot.

In the Friday Evening pairs M.G.M. (Marian Firth, Gordon Akroyd) had an impressive win against C. Dogs (Ray Clegg, Steve Wandiak). This win leaves M.G.M. in second place in the table with 14 points. T.N.T. are in third place with 13 points and C. Dogs are 4th with 11 points. T.N.T. and C. Dogs have a game in hand over M.G.M.


Hard Lines 8  Dodgers 10

Triers 14 G. 2 + A. 2  10

K.9’s 12  Ever Hopeful 11

Yorkies 7  Rabbits 12

Rascals 11  Luddites 14

A’s & B’s 22  Black Jacks 7

Rabbits 11  Luddites 19

Ever Hopeful 8 Dodgers 20


Up the Edge 18  Avengers 6

Spartans 21  Rockets 8

Madlams 11  Amethyst 14

Don’t Be Short 11  One Direction 12



SID 6 2 B’s 7

C. Dogs 9  Bo0wl You Over 7

Engineers 7  Little & large 12

Valley Boys 7  Young Guns 10


Rainy Days 12  Jammy Duo 5

46ers 8  Double D. 2

Brookley 2  Dad & Lad 8

Bee Hives 7  Jammy Duo 6

Brookley 9 Jammy Duo 3



Northern Lights 20  Triers 5

Triers 0  Vixens 10

Hard Liners 4  Black cats 21

Illingworth 16 Rockets 14

Vixens 14  Yorkies 3


Guys & Dolls 16  Knockkelly Stars 11

Springers 10  Jack High 7

New Look 14  Fair of Face 7

Kingsley 5  Endeavour 15


Clayton 29  GBC 3

Clayton 23  GBC 6

Saxons 5  Up the Edge 20

Light Relief 2  Arriva 29

The Jets 10  Gapp 12


Light Relief 11  Little & large 14

Clayton 21  Madlams 12

True Grit 11  Hotpots 14

SID 24  Avengers 7



Rabbits 13  True Grit 20

Red Mist 21  Friends 7

Knockkelly Stars 9  G. 2 + 1  16


Friday Girls 11  Untouchables 12

Bob’s Kingdom 8  Sutty’s Heroes 25

Kingsley 28  Planes 5

Changers 4  Larks 21


Sisters 8 H.L.I. 19

C. Dogs 9  M.G.M. 12



Eskimos 13 Bee Hives 7

The Guys 23 Rainy Days 5


Ponders 0  T. & A. 35

Ponders 9  J. & M. 4

First Timers 6  T. & A. 13

Here’s Hoping 8 2 A’s 4