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Photo of Mick Walker. *Mick is the “skip” for Madlams in the Monday Evening Fours. He also plays for Madlams in the Thursday Evening Triples and Northern Lights in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours).

One of the most exciting games at Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues)  was played in the Monday Evening Fours when Madlams (Malcolm Griffiths ,Ian Smith, Derek Smith, Mick Walker) were up against  Avengers (Mick Skwarek, Steve Rothwell, Keith Hanson, Nick Blackburn), who have made an excellent start to their Autumn campaign. Avengers scored a “4” at the first end before Madlams replied with another “4”. The sides then settled down and it became a “nip and tuck” encounter. At the start of the final end Madlams  held an 11-8 advantage leaving Avengers the task of scoring a “4” to win the game. Madlams were holding a “3” before Nick Blackburn, the “skip” for Avengers with his first bowl, ran the jack to the back of the rink for his side to hold a “2”. Walker, the skip for Madlams could not disturb the “head”. With his final bowl, Blackburn narrowly missed out on scoring another “shot” bowl as Madlams ran out 11-10 winners.

Spartans (Brian Holder, John Hamer, Pam Robinson, Dennis Patrick) registered their first win of the campaign as they beat Rockets (M. Rowntree, Marian Firth, Colin Akroyd, Stuart Coates) by 17-9. Spartans welcomed to their team Republic of Ireland representative player Patrick as “skip” who plays with yellow size 5 “Lazor” bowls. (Lazor bowls are narrow running bowls).

H.L.I. (Eric Grant, Brian Winrow) had a superb victory in the Friday Pairs as they came out on top by 11-6 against the experienced C. Dogs (Ray Clegg, Michael Hutchinson). Sisters 9Del Haigh, Val Bax) maintained their best ever start to a campaign as they retained their 100% record with a narrow 10-9 win against Gary & Pat (Gary Robinson, Pat Grant).

M.G.M. (Marian Firth, Gordon Akroyd) put up an impressive performance against champions Clayton, losing by the narrowest of margins at 11-9.

There were several notable results in the Saturday Pairs leagues. In the Saturday “Shield” Phoenix (Philip Hallowell, Stuart Coates) and Pennine V.I. (Keith Collins, John Palmer) were involved in a “nip and tuck” encounter with Phoenix coming out on top by 10 shots to 9. Red Woods (Norma Mallinson, Con McGinley) got their campaign off to an excellent start as they beat the experienced Eskimos (Marian Quick, Mick Jagger) by 12 shots to 9.

Bob’s Kingdom (Carol Onions, David Onions, Bob Kingdom)  had a superb game against True Grit (Mick Cowley, Joe Phillips, Steve Rathmell) in Division 1 of the Friday Triples. True Grit has beaten Red Mist, the champions in their previous game. True Grit scored a “4” at the first end before Bob’s Kingdom moved into a 12-5 advantage by scoring at the next seven ends, True Grit had replied with a single at the 6th end. A “4” at the next end saw True Grit improve their score and the rest of the game was “nip and tuck” with the score being 14-12 to Bob’s Kingdom after 14 ends. However True Grit’s hopes of a fighting comeback were dashed as Bob’s Kingdom  finished off the game with a “3” and a single to take the game by 18 shots to 12.

There  is a Monday morning session from 11.00 a.m.- 12 noon for anyone wishing to have a “taster session” of indoor bowling.

Halifax Bowling Club’s Winter Outdoor season will begin on Thursday October 10th at 10.30 a.m. In Division 1 Four Play v Fiery Jacks, Rabbits Revenge v Whirls Wizards 12.00 Lindley v Mavericks, Clayhouse v Simply the Best. In Division 2 Pellon v Pirates, Kingston v Blue Soc. 12 noon Halifax Extra v Tykes, Halifax Ladies v Sowerby.


Spartans 17  Rockets 9

One Direction 6 Don’t Be Short  15

Amethyst 23  One Direction 6

Madlams 11  Avengers 10



C, Dogs 9  Little & Large 9

Dad & Lad 8  Bowl You Over 9


Brookley 0  46ers 17

Stray Cats 2  Jammy Duo 6

Rainy Days 11 Double D. 8

SiD 7 Bee Hives 9



Vixens  13 Endeavour 7

Northern lights 20 Springers 7

Illingworth 10 Black Cats 15


Kingsley 10  fair of Face 10

Guys & Dolls 5  Jack High 12

New Look 12  Yorkies 8

Betta Blockers 12  Knockkelly Stars 8


Saxons 18 Gapp 3

Light Relief 7  the Jets 12

Clayton 36  GBC 3


Hotpots 3 Avengers 32

True Grit 9  Madlams 16

Clayton 13  Little 7 Large 10

Light Relief 6  Sid 20



Rabbits 8 New Patacakes 15

Sutty’e heroes 10  Hotshots 11

Red Mist 23 G. 2 + 1 13

Bob’s Kingdom 18 True Grit 12


The Fridays 8  Planes 19

Untouchables 12  Larks 10

Kingsley 8  Knockkelly Stars 18

Friends 10  Changers 13


Gary & Pat 9  Sisters 10

T.N.T. 27  D. & E. 10

Clayton 11  M.G,M. 9

C. Dogs 6  H.L.I. 11


Red Woods 12  Eskimos 9

Wellhouse 28  Bee Hives 1

Phoenix 10 Pennine VI 9

Pennine VI 11 Bee Hives 7


Chatterbox 3  Ghurkas 7

Ponders 2  T. & A. 19

Here’s Hoping 10  Manjimups 1

2 A’s 8  First Timers 4