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Photo of Springers player Wendy Garside. Wendy plays for Springers in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours.

Brian Winrow has been one of the star players in Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor leagues. Winrow starred in key games in the Monday Afternoon Fours and Wednesday Fours.

In the Wednesday Fours, leaders Northern Lights (Les Holmes, Mick Walker, John Beverley, Michael Hutchinson) faced second in the table Black Cats (Brian Winrow, Andy Balmforth, John Sharp, Paul Gill). With two of the best lead players in the league in opposition the game was set to be a thriller. However superb leading by Winrow and an off day by Holmes saw Black Cats race into an early lead. Winrow took the mat up the rink and bowled short of the “T” to bowl about 28 metres and consistently placed his bowls around the jack. Northern Lights had no answer to Winrow’s play as with the help of his team mates, Black Cats ran out 17-6 winners. Both teams are now level at the top of the league table with Northern Lights having a superior points difference.

The big game in the Monday Afternoon Fours featured Well Bowled (Brian Winrow, Chris Dunwell, Gary Plane, Nick Blackburn) and the unbeaten Rascals ( Jean Wade, Ken Sharkey, Derek Squires, David Laycock). A fine team performance by Well Bowled, with Winrow again in top form saw his team hold a 10-3 advantage after 9 ends. Only skip Laycock for Rascals saved his team from a higher deficit.  At this point Rascals rallied as good bowls by Squires and Laycock saw them pull the score line back to 10-7. Well Bowled and Rascals both scored single shots at the last couple of ends as Well Bowled took the honours by 11 shots to 8.

There was one of the shocks of the season in Division 1 of the Tuesday Evening Pairs, when bottom of the table Pat & Pete (Pat and Peter Grant) beat leaders Little & Large (Steve Rothwell, John Beverley). Little & Large raced into an 4-0 lead before Pat & Pete scored a “2” to pull the score back to 4-2. The game continued in a “nip and tuck “ mode with the teams level at 6 shots each at the start of the last end. Excellent leading by Pat Grant had been a feature of the game. At the last end Pat & Pete were holding “2” with Beverley, the skip for Little & Large one bowl to play. He managed to save one shot as Pat & Pete completed  a  7-6 success and register  their best performance of the season.

Well done to Springers (June Barron, Sally Harrison, Avril Humberstone, Maywynne Denby) in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours as a fine team performance saw them win their first game of the season with a 12-6 win over Hard Liners (Keith Owens, Brian Hoult, P. Owen, Tony James).

The club are now taking entries for the John Dunn Shield, a singles knock out competition and the Sheila Holbrook Pairs, a knock out pairs competition. Both competitions are played over an hour. The entry sheets are in the Indoor Bowling hall.
There is a Monday morning session from 11.00 a.m.- 12 noon for anyone wishing to have a “taster session” of indoor bowling.
There is Social Bowling at 11.30 -.1.00 pm on a Thursday and 2.30 p.m. on a Saturday for anyone who would like a game.


Hard Lines 16  A’s & B’s 4

Yorkies 5  Dodgers 14

K.9’s 15  G. 2 + A. 2

Everhopeful 11  Black Jacks 23

Well Bowled 11 Rascals 8

Rabbits 22  Luddites 11


Spartans 4 Amethyst 17

Rockets 9  Avengers 15

Spartans 9  Amethyst 14

Madlams 17 One Direction 6

Don’e Be Short 6  Up the Edge 21



Pat & Pete 7 Little & Large 6

Valley Boys 7  Young Guns 14

C. Dogs 4 Bowl You Over 15

Dad & Lad 6 Pat & Pete 6

Dad & Lad 6 2 B’s 12


Stray Cats 15  Bee Hives 2

Brookley 7  SID 9

Rainy Days 19  Jammy Duo 4



Endeavour 19  Rockets 7

Vixens 18 Illingworth 10

Northern Lights 6 Black Cats 17

Springers 12  Hard Liners 6


New Look 7 Jack High 14

Knock Kelly Stars 14  Yorkies 7

Beta Blockers 22  Kingsley 3

Guys & Dolls 6  Fair of Face 10


The Jets 10  GBC 8

The Jets 8  Gapp 12

Arriva 33  GBC  1

Light Relief 7 Clayton 24

Saxons 2  Up the Edge 23


Light Relief  21 Hotpots 14



New Patacakes 7  Hotshots 28

Rabbits 15 True Grit 15

Red Mist 22  Sutty’s Heroes 13

Bob’s Kingdom 10  G. 2 + 1   21


Kingsley 9  Planes 10

Friends 13  Knock Kelly stars 9

The Fridays 16  Untouchables 7

Changers 13  Larks 13


T.N.T. 10  Gary & Pat 16

D. & E. 3  H.L.I. 21

C. Dogs 12  M.G.M. 15

Gary & Pat 13  H.L.I. 6


Rainy Days 11  Marbles 18

Eskimos 7  Marbles 13

Phoenix 6 Rainy Days 23

Pennine V.I. 6  Bee Hives 10


First Timers 2  T. & A. 17

Manjimups 1  Chatterbox 19

Here’s Hoping 8  2 A’s 3

Ponders 5  Ghurkas 11