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Picture of Christine Butler. Christine plays for Springers in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours and Hard Lines in the Monday Afternoon Fours.

The Monday Afternoon Fours in Halifax Bowling Club’s Autumn leagues saw an action packed afternoon with the top teams in opposition.

Rascals (Jean wade, Ken Sharkey, Derek Squires, David Laycock) were given a “master class” in leading by Peter Richardson the lead player for Luddites (Richardson, Stuart Gill, David Illingworth, Ray Wolsey). Luddites turned a 7-5 deficit into a 11-7 advantage, before rascals fought back with a “3” to make the score 11-10 moving into the final end. A Superb bowl by Gill, the number 2 player for Luddites proved “shot” as after a measure Luddites claimed a single to win the game by 12 shots to 10.

K.9’s ( Marian Quick, Eric Grant, Stuart Baker, Barry Wright) and Rabbits (Con McGinley, Derek Finch, Newman Hawley, Jack Orley) played out a “nip and tuck” game with K.9’s taking the game by 14 shots to 9.

The top game of the day featured Well Bowled (Brian Winrow, Gary Plane, Steve Dunwell, Nick Blackburn) and G. 2 + A. 2 (Barbara Gee, Jimmy Bainbridge, Alan Fleming, David Gee).  G. 2 + A. 2 raced into an 8-0 lead with excellent lead play by Barbara Gee and well supported by her team mates.  Well Bowled fought back with their” skip “Blackburn in impressive form as he continually saved shots for his team and bowled in for winners. Well Bowled pulled the score line back to 12-10 at the start of the last end. Winrow’s “jack high” leads were beaten by Barbara Gee who ran the jack for “shot”. Bainbridge bowled in another shot for G.  2 + A. 2 to hold a “2”, with only Blackburn to play. With his first bowl he bowled in for “shot” before David Gee, the skip for G. 2 + A. 2 played an impressive “jack high” bowl for “shot”. Playing to Winrow’s instructions Blackburn sent up his final bowl which ran the jack onto his teams back bowls to hold  a “2”. Gee on his backhand had excellent land but just ran through for Well Bowled to score a draw at 12 shots each, thanks to the actions of Blackburn.

There were unexpected results in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours when two of the top teams, Illingworth (Marian Quick Ken Sharkey, Stuart Baker, David laycock) and Northern Lights (Les Holmes, Steve Rothwell, John Beverley) both registered defeats.

Endeavour (John Hamer, Pam Robinson,, Jimmy Bainbridge, Barbara Gee) went into an early lead in their game against Illingworth as a fine team performance saw them win by 12 shots to 4.

Hard Liners (Mick Cowley, Brian Hoult, Phil Owen, Tony James) kept their nerve against a three man Northern Lights. As excellent “skip” play by James saw Hard Liners to a narrow 10-9 victory. Northern Lights, with Holmes leading superbly won the game 12-9 but had to lose a quarter of their score as they only had three players. Their number 1 and 2 players played with 3 bowls each.

There is a Monday morning session from 11.00 a.m.- 12 noon for anyone wishing to have a “taster session” of indoor bowling.
There is Social Bowling at 11.30 -.1.00 pm on a Thursday and 2.30 p.m. on a Saturday for anyone who would like a game.


 A’s & B’s 8  Black Jacks 12

K.9’s 14  rabbits 9

Rascals 10  Luddites 12

Hard Lines 24  Dodgers 4

Well Bowled 12  G. 2 + A. 2  12

Yorkies 12 Ever hopeful 9

Rascals 20  Dodgers 8


Madlams 21 Don’t Be Short 4

Amethyst 12  Rockets 6

Spartans 19  Avengers 4

Up the Edge 18  One Direction 7



2 B’s 3  Bowl You Over 10

Valley Boys 4  Little & Large 8


Rainy days 10  Stray Cats 4

SID 10  46ers 7

Brookley 9  Double D. 14

Double D. 6  Bee Hives 5



Illingworth 4  Endeavour 12

Hard Liners 10  Northern Lights 9

Vixens 7 Rockets 13

Black Cats 16  Springers 5


Fair of Face 3 Jack High 21

New Look 16  Guys & Dolls 10

Kingsley 6  Knock Kelly Stars 15

Beta Blockers 7  Yorkies 12


Saxons 9 Arriva 12

Clayton 13  The jets 4

Light Relief 11  Gapp 8

GBC 7 7 Up the Edge 29


Clayton 20 True Grit 6

SID 26  Hotpots 8

Light relief 14  avengers 24

Madlams 13  little & large 15



Hotshots 19  G. 2 + 1  12

Red Mist 11  New Patacakes 14

Sutty’s Heroes 4  True Grit 20

Bob’s Kingdom 11  Rabbits 16


Kingsley 9  Friends 18

Untouchables 13  Knock Kelly stars 14

Larks 23  Planes 5

The Fridays 11  Changers 11


Sisters 5  M.G.M. 14

Clayton 23 M.G.M. 4


Eskimos 17  Rainy Days 6

Pennine V.I. 6  Marbles 14

Wellhouse 16  Rainy Days 10

Rainy days 15 Pennine V.I. 5

Phoenix 12  Bee Hives 13

Marbles 8  Red Woods 10

Bee Hives 0  Red Woods 10

Wellhouse 8 Eskimos 12

Wellhouse 10  Pennine V.I. 10


T. & A. 10 Ghurkas 5

Chatterbox 8  Here’s Hoping 3

Manjimups 2  2 A’s 9

First Timers 4  Ponders 9

Chatterbox 10  Ponders 0