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Photo of Halifax “Extra” player John Crowson. Halifax “Extra” gave their best display of the season with an emphatic 24-6 win over Halifax Ladies.



Rabbits Revenge ( Derek Pollard, Lyndon Harris, Trevor Hargreaves, Martin Benson), challenging for third spot in Division 1 of Halifax Bowling Club’s winter league found Four Play (Ray Clegg, Keith Hanson, Geoff Hughes, Dave Russell) in a determined mood in their latest game. Four Play who had dropped into the relegation area, raised their game as Clegg, Hanson and Hughes all registered wins against Pollard, Harris and Hargreaves. Only Benson scored a win for Rabbits Revenge as he beat Russell, 21-12. Four Play ran out 20-14 winners to move out of the relegation area with 207 points from their 13 games played.


Rabbits Revenge have now dropped into 4th place, 6 points behind Mavericks.


Mavericks (Peter Krenc, Steve Holmes, Eric McGinnis, Steve Wandiak) were up against the “inform” ( Pellon )Paul Firth, Keith Barker, David Gowing, Mark Bolton) and were indebted to Krenc and McGinnis who registered 21-7 and 21-10 wins against Firth and Gowing as Mavericks ran out 18-15 winners to move into third spot in the table. Barker and Bolton were the winners for Pellon.


Lindley (Richard Saunders, Paul Cooney, Mark Sykes, Peter Hopkinson) dropped into the relegation area as they were emphatically beaten 24-12 by second in the table Whirls Wizards (Shirley Dillingham, Bob Gartside, Lorraine Hirst, David Frost).


In their final games ,Mavericks are up against Whirls Wizards, Lindley face Four Play and Rabbits Revenge are facing champions Clayhouse, in what should be an exciting last day.


Halifax “Extra” (John Crowson, Kath Webster, Steve Webster, Chris Lindsey) put in their best performance of the season with an emphatic 24-6 win over Halifax Ladies. Crowson and Lindsey are newcomers  to league bowling and their experience in the winter league should stand them in good stead when league bowling eventually commences.


With Fiery Jacks winning the league and Simply the Best in second place, the battle for third spot is between Unbelievabowl and Tykes. In their latest games Unbelievabowl (Nick Oddy, Andrew Gee, Sheridan Patterson, Jimmy Bainbridge) beat Blue Sox (Elspeth Hartley, Peter Gregory, Avril Humberrstone, Neil Dickie) 19-11 while  Tykes (Michael Hutchinson, Ken Piggott, Martin Forster, Gary Robinson) lost 18-10 to Simply the Best.  Unbelievabowl now have a 12 point advantage over Tykes but face champions Fiery Jacks in their last game, while Tykes play Blue Sox.









Clayhouse 24  Strollers 4


Four Play 20  Rabbits Revenge 14


Lindley 12  Whirls Wizards 24


Mavericks 18  Pellon 15





Fiery Jacks 24 Kingston 5


Halifax Ladies 6 Halifax “Extra” 24


Tykes  10  Simply the Best 18


Unbelievabowl 19  Blue Sox 11