Communities Award

Halifax Bowling Club were proud to receive the communities award for contribution to the older generation. The award was accepted by Ernie Morris and Enid Akroyd, two of the older club members who still regularly attend the club and enjoy the social activities and events.

The community awards were presented at an enjoyable evening hosted by Halifax Academy and organised by the ward forum.

Connolly Ladies Pairs

On a windy,cool morning twenty ladies contested Halifax Bowling Club's Connelly Pairs. An experienced lady bowler was paired with a less experienced one.
After several exciting games the semi finalists were Christine Austin and Anne Mullaney, Barbara Gee and Ann Ranton, Carol Onions and Bev Clayton and Mavis Walker and Elspeth Hartley.
Both semi finals were superb games with Christine and Anne coming out on top 15-14 against Barbara and Ann and in the other semi new bowler Carol and Bev also came out on top by the narrowest of margins at 15-14.

 The final was a "nip and tuck" affair. Carol and Bev went into a 14-11 lead and were holding a "2" for game before Bev knocked one of Anne's bowls in for Christine and Anne to score a single and put the score at 14-12. Christine and Anne then ran out with another single and a pair to take the final by 15-14. The other ladies appreciated the excellent bowling.

The winners were presented with the cup by last years winners Lorraine Tomlinson and Barbara Gee. Thanks were expressed to the ladies for providing food and to Lynda for running the competition.

Final Indoor Bowling Report Spring 2019

Photo of prize winners at Halifax Bowling Club’s Prize Presentation. In photo, centre the club’s Lady President  Margot Handsley, who presented the prizes. Next to Margot , David Holbrook who presented the Sheila Holbrook Pairs trophies to Chloe Hirst and Frank Higgins. The man in the centre in the red jacket is one of the league’s senior players Eddie Hodgson, who won the Division 2 Tuesday Evening Pairs league with Ken Sharkey, playing as Dad & Lad.

Indoor Bowling Results Week 14 April 2019

Joan-Dunn-Competition.jpg - 21.96 kBPhoto of runner up, Les Holmes, Sponsor Joan Dunn, Winner Gareth Coates at the final of the John Dunn Shield.

Holmes plays the lead player for Amethyst in the Monday Evening Fours, leads for Northern Lights in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours and also leads for Red Mist in Division 1 of the Friday Triples. Amethyst and Red Mist have won their respective leagues and Northern Lights have come 3rd in Division 1 of the Wednesday Fours.

Coates plays “skip” for Amethyst in the Monday Evening Fours.

The final of the John Dunn Shield was played on Halifax Bowling Club’s Indoor rinks. The final featured two of the top indoor bowlers at the club, Les Holmes and Gareth Coates. Holmes  had had a tough road to the final having beaten Steve Rothwell, Tony Riley, team mate Philip Holroyd and Paul Gill on his journey. Coates had a bye into the first round and then he had played  Tom Gasson, Scott Smith and Chloe Hirst to reach the final.

The final, played down the middle of the rinks was as usual between the two players a “nip and tuck” affair with the scores being level at 3 shots each after 4 ends. Gareth then led superbly off a maximum length jack to go into a 10-3 lead, before a single from Holmes made the score 10-4 before Coates increased his lead to 16-4. Holmes eventually won the jack and changed his length to a minimum length to win the next  five ends and make the final score 16-11 to Coates. Coates  was unbeatable off a full length and also he restricted Holmes to singles and doubles on Holmes’s favourite short jack.

Joan Dunn presented the winner with the Shield at the end of the final.

Mary Hanson Pairs 2019

Winners of the Cup Helen Smith and Bev Clayton

On a cold and blustery day the first ladies competition took place. All the ladies were pleased to be back outdoors bowling, although a few had put extra layers on due to the weather. Hailstones in the middle of the day provided a natural break for lunch. There were several pairs challenging for the top spot, however Helen and Bev produced a couple of high scoring wins to secure the lead. The competition was well attended and it was lovely to see everyone eager for a new season.